21 March 2022

Top safety tips while biking in the urban jungle

Biking is one of the greatest ways to remain fit. However, cyclists have to face quite a few issues and hazards. The ride is often long, or the roads aren’t good. During such instances, certain safety tips are needed.

  1. Use bike lights… of course!

Bike lights are a very important necessity when riding in the dark. Accidents are prone to happen when other road users can’t see cyclists. It’s important to ensure that your bicycle is visible even from a long distance. Bike lights help cyclists to see where they’re going and help them to be seen by other road users.

At Spanninga we offer a wide variety of bike lights that help cyclists to see and to be seen on the road. For city or trekking use, our X&O 50 headlamp is an ideal powerful solution. This efficient yet ultra-compact headlamp features the exclusive Reverse Beam Technology developed by Philips®, providing a strong beam and enhancing users’ visibility in every circumstance with its extra features (daylight and high-beam). For the rear, our PIMENTO is a ground-breaking and innovative rear light featuring the most recent technologies within the market (e.g. COB LED technology). With its powerful light beam, both towards the back and sides optimal safety is ensured.

  1. Use reflectors

The purpose of a reflector is to radiate the light that shines on it and increase the visibility of cyclists. Like bike lights, reflectors are a great help while riding at night, increasing a cyclists’ safety. Your must have reflectors on the: front, rear and sides (spokes and pedals).

At Spanninga we offer a wide range of reflectors. Most of our headlamps are already equipped with front reflectors. For the rear, the RR 02 is a small red reflector used for carrier mounting. With its 50mm bolt distance it is also compatible with our BR 06 and BR 11 brackets. We also provide side reflectors for spoke mounting such as the RA 02 and RA 03.

  1. Wear properly fitted biking equipment

It’s not everywhere required to wear helmets; however, studies have shown that helmets reduce biking risks. Head injuries are very common in bike accidents and wearing a helmet can save cyclists from such damages. It is also recommended to wear reflective materials to increase your visibility among other road users. There are tons of biking accessories and equipment available on the market with reflective materials and patterns.

  1. Use a bike tracker

To prevent theft there is equipment such as the bike tracker. It tracks your vehicle and helps you know where your bike is at the moment. The usage is straightforward: you receive an accessory that gets attached to either the seat or the bike’s handle, and the paired phone app helps you locate your bike whenever or wherever you want.

When they say precaution is better than cure, it doesn't mean to limit to adventure but instead to take care of yourself while enjoying to the fullest. Good luck and have a safe and fantastic ride!

Picture by: Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash.