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    There are no job openings for the time being.

    However, we are always keen to meet new talents who would like to join our team. Please contact our HR department.

An international company, located at the city centre of Joure in Friesland. The region where it all started for the Spanninga Group in 1918. Currently, the workforce of Spanninga at its headquarters in Joure consists of around 25 employees.

We are convinced that the success of the company depends essentially on the men and women who form the team.

At Spanninga, you are not just a number, and we pay special attention to make sure that you are well integrated in the team. We are always ready to listen to our employees as part of a global effort for continuous improvement. Every staff member, at every level, has the possibility to express themselves directly without any fear from their hierarchy.

The management ensures that each member of the staff receives the necessary information and training to do his/her job, and also that he/she is informed about the strategy of the company. The management openly shares as much information as possible through the regular bi-annual staff meetings, or ad hoc if something important happens which may change the organization or prospects of the company.

The policy for the security and comfort of the staff is of the utmost importance to the management, and apart from the legal obligation, we want to ensure an environment where everyone has the pleasure of contributing to the success of the company by reducing as much as possible the risks linked to the job.

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My main objective is to create an working environment where every employee can do their job with pleasure.
Feike Spanninga (CEO)

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