27 March 2023


Spanninga's Elips rear light is the best battery light of 2023

SPANNINGA'S Elips has been chosen as the best battery light by Doorgelicht.be -  this Belgian company reviews and compares products with each other.

Doorgelicht.be states: "The best battery-powered rear light for your bike is Spanninga's Elips rear light. The rear light is simple and does what needs to be done. The light is powered by two AAA batteries - providing you with fifty hours of light. Since the lamp has few functions, the battery works very economically. The price is also commensurate. It is best to mount the lamp on your luggage rack. That makes it mainly suitable for city bikes. It is light and compact."

The review also appraises the special shape of the Elips light, which ensures a good light distribution, as the entire surface of the lamp lights up. Finally, the lamp also incorporates a reflector. A reflector reflects light and ensures extra high visibility. With this rear light, you are visible on the road up to 320 degrees. If the battery is low, an indicator light will show, allowing you to replace the batteries in time.

We are very happy with this first place and will continue to strive to develop the best-performing bicycle lights!