2 July 2019

Kees Brouwer starts as Managing Director at Spanninga Group

Kees Brouwer portrait

With the Summer knocking on our doors, Spanninga is off to a fresh start this season. As from July 1st, Kees Brouwer is appointed as Managing Director for the international bicycle lights company.  

The appointment of Kees as Managing Director gives Feike Spanninga, CEO and owner, more time to focus on the strategic aspects of the company.

“We hired Kees in addition to our strategic management team. I’m looking forward to further develop and strengthen the company together with him,” says Feike Spanninga.

Kees already has quite some years of experience in business. He worked for Photonis Technologies in Roden and Bordeaux (France) for 22 years. He fulfilled there several roles, from Managing Engineer to Technical Director and Chief Operations Officer.

With his background in Physics, the technical facet of bicycle lights is not an unknown field for Kees. Next to this, he completed a study in Business Administration. This combination of technical and business knowledge is a perfect basis for the role he will fulfil within the Spanninga Group.

Kees is 46 year and a sportive father of three children. His hobbies are (ice) skating, wind surfing and playing golf. His sportive attitude will for sure be an added value within the active bicycle business in which Spanninga operates.