14 November 2018

Innovative “commuter carrier” sets new standards

Mik carrier under cloth

The new commuter carrier is a cooperation of top companies in the bicycle industry: the 100 years young SPANNINGA (bicycle lights), BASIL (bags, baskets & accessories), bicycle carrier producer MASSLOAD, and IoT/Smart specialist TRACEFY. Brought together by the fastest growing platform the bicycle industry has seen in years: MIK.

MIK is an idea of BASIL, founded and started together with MASSLOAD. MIK stands for Mounting Is Key, which refers to the strong, safe and easy-to-use way to click your accessory on your carrier. Already the biggest OEM brands in the world have chosen for MIK.

Check out the movie here below:

For more information:

BASIL & MIK: Marthijn van Balveren

SPANNINGA: Jaap Jongsma

MASSLOAD: Edson Chung

TRACEFY: Jeroen van Kester