Our team

Spanninga team

Spanninga has its headquarters located in Joure (The Netherlands) and a network of companies for operations and administration located in strategic areas all over the world.

The Spanninga team is composed of several R&D offices all around the world with dedicated specialists in the optics, or the science of light. Developing innovative and performant lighting systems requires thorough research and testing to offer the most reliable and safe products.
Defining microchips, drawing circuits, selecting the right components, adjusting currents… Electronics is a science which is in constant evolution and which requires a lot of experimenting.
Using the finest engineering software available on the market, our designers imagine and build hundreds of product concepts, either for our standard product collection or together with customers for specific needs.
Part of the manufacturing process is the injection moulding of parts of our lights. The molten material, mainly plastics but also alloy alluminum, is injected in moulds.
In the metallisation phase, metal is coated on the surface of parts of our products. Used a lot in optics, this process is also used for aesthetic purposes to give an old-style metal look.
In Europe as well as in Asia, more than 200 pairs of hands combined with the finest technology in industrial automatized machines weld, assemble and give birth to the Spanninga products available on the market.
From development to deliveries, all our products go through a series of tests defined in an extensive quality procedure. For instance, photometric values, shock resistance or water resistance are tested and controlled by our experienced team in the quality departments.
Available all around the world to present our products, from retailers to bicycle manufacturers, our sales crew is at your disposal for any inquiry. For customer service, please feel free to contact our team on contact@spanninga.com.