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Spanninga offers expertise in the development, manufacturing and distribution of lighting products and solutions via its 3 sites based in Europe and in Asia.


Pioneering ambition

As a major source for innovation, R&D is a core branch for Spanninga. It constitutes 10% of our current staff all over the world and is made of specialists in multiple fields.

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Or the science of light. Developing innovative and performant lighting systems requires thorough research and testing to offer the most reliable and safe products.


Defining microchips, drawing circuits, selecting the right components, adjusting currents… Electronics is a science which is in constant evolution and which requires a lot of experimenting.


Using the finest engineering softwares available on the market, our designers imagine and build hundreds of product concepts, either for our standard product collection or together with customers for customized solutions.

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All our products are tested by our experienced QC teams before they are launched on the market to ensure the compliance of their photometric values and their durability.

Pioneering ambition


Operational excellence

With production sites in Europe and in Asia, we are amongst the leaders of micromobility lighting in the world. We guarantee optimal product quality and safety, whilst respecting ISO-standards.

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Spanninga Netherlands

Nestled in the heart of Friesland, the Netherlands, our head office stands at the very place where our first factory was built, in the year 1947. This historic location serves as the core epicenter of our operations, housing our dedicated R&D Design Hub. It’s where the legacy of authenticity, innovation, and excellence lives on, driving us to shape a brighter future in micromobility lighting.

Spanninga France

Based in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region (Nantua), renowned for its plastics industry, Spanninga France is proud to be able to produce “Made in France” items. Production flexibility combined with a multitude of knowledge acquired for decades allow supplying various requests, even small series.

Spanninga France entered the Group in 1992 but the company, then called JOS, has been producing and marketing bicycle lights since 1935. In its long history, it has even extended its know-how to the motorbike and automobile industry.

Today it is fully dedicated to micromobility lighting again, and the production site consists in a wide range of semi- and fully automated manufacturing processes as well as high precision assembly processes. The geographical proximity of the Plastic Valley is a great source for local partners in plastic injection moulding and machinery.


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Spanninga China

Located in one of the high tech industrial development zones of the Chinese Guangdong province (Shunde), Spanninga China was created in 2006 and then called Spanninga Bicycle Components. It is born from the takeover of the European activities of the German lighting specialist Hella Bike.

The fully integrated and large facility of the manufacturing site of Spanninga China (with for instance in-house processes like electronics production, injection moulding and metallisation) make it possible for us to industrialise large-scale projects and supply customers all over the world.

The highly efficient industrial equipment combined with extremely committed teams offer our customers support in the development and industrialisation of our products.

Operational excellence



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