New generation!
The PRESTO-GUARD now features an integrated reflector which is conform to Z-type German regulation!

The PRESTO-GUARD rearlight is one of the most compact and light weight rearlights of Spanninga. This makes the PRESTO-GUARD ideally suited for you if you don’t want to alter the complete design of your bike. The PRESTO-GUARD is the mudguard version of the PRESTO 2 and is available in a dynamo, battery and e-bike version. The e-bike version is compatible with all standard systems of 6-36VDC.


Thanks to its unique, compact and small design, the PRESTO-GUARD truly fits all types of bicycles. The light has an integrated Z-approved reflector and a bright light beam of 4 Candela. This offers an increased visibility up to 400 meters by other road users, at all times and in any weather conditions. Do you want to know more about Candela and how we measure our light output? Please take a look at Our Expertise page.


VersionsXDvS / XB / XE
Light source1 red LED > 4 Cd
Power sourceDynamo (XDvS)*
Batteries 1 x CR2032 3V (XB)
E-bike 6-36VDC (XE)
Power consumption0,3 Watt (XDvS)
0,2 Watt (XB)
0,3 Watt (XE)
AutonomyMax. 25h (XB)
Battery load indicatorYes (XB)
FunctionsSafe-Stop (XDvS)