The dynamo (XDv, XDvS), battery (XBA) and e-bike (XE) versions of the PLATEO are only available in OEM.

The PLATEO rearlight is known for its mysterious look. It has a slim and compact design and truly adds a unique element to your bicycle. The PLATEO comes in three versions: dynamo, battery and e-bike and features the ground-breaking Light Guide Technology©, which captures the light from the LED and guides it to the sides of the rearlight. This ensures an optimal visibility, both from the rear and the sides.


The looks of the PLATEO are not standard for a rearlight. It is almost as if you are carrying a humble reflector on your bicycle. However, the PLATEO features a high-power LED, which accounts for a nice light output. It is fair to say that the PLATEO combines the best of both worlds: a large reflector and a bright light output into a compact and universal design.


VersionsXDv / XDvS / XB / XBA / XE
Light source1 red LED > 5 Cd
Power sourceDynamo (XDv, XDvS)
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V(XB, XBA)
E-bike 6-36VDC (XE)
Power consumption0,3 Watt (XDv, XDvS)
0,1 Watt (XB, XBA)
0,2 Watt (XE)
AutonomyMax. 70h
Danish regulation : max. 40h
Battery load indicatorYes (XB, XBA)
FunctionsSafe-stop (XDvS)
Automatic sensor (XBA)