The PIMENTO XER is only available in OEM.

The PIMENTO rearlight is a ground-breaking and innovative light. It features the most recent technologies within the market (e.g. COB LED technology). The PIMENTO is therefore a high-performance product. It has an extremely powerful light beam, both towards the back and sides. Meanwhile keeping its ultra-compact dimensions. The PIMENTO is available in three versions: one suitable for e-bikes (6-36VDC), one suitable for e-bikes (6-48VDC) with a Brake-light function and one for dynamos.


The design of the PIMENTO rearlight is creative and minimalistic, with a weight of only 20g. The optics have a curved shape, which is possible thanks to the use of the bendable and efficient COB LED technology. Therefore, the PIMENTO fits perfectly to compact carriers and adds a stylish and spicy touch.


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VersionsXDvS / XE / XER
Light sourceRed COB LED > 5 Cd +
2 extra LEDs (brake-light) > 40 Cd (XER)
Power sourceDynamo (XDvS)*
E-bike 6-36VDC (XE)
E-bike 6-48VDC (XER)
Battery load indicator-
FunctionsSafe-Stop (XDvS)
Brake-light (XER)