FUB bicycle light testing campaign 2021: Spanninga lights score good.

French cyclist association: Fédération Française des usagers la bicyclette (FUB) tested Spanninga lights in their lighting test.

The days are getting shorter and it is important to use the right lights for riding bicycles safely. FUB does yearly light tests where they thoroughly test several lights in the French market, to help users find the perfect lights corresponding to their needs.

This year, FUB thoroughly tested Spanninga’s THOR 1100, AXENDO 40, AXENDO 60, X&O 30 and the ARCO rear. The results of the test can be found HERE

SPANNINGA’s first ever virtual event was a success

From September 14th until September 16th, Spanninga’s first ever virtual event: BEAM UP, which was dedicated to B2B customers, took place.

During the BEAM UP event, customers received a first look into Spanninga’s new products where they had the opportunity to discover exclusive content such as presentation videos, technical documents and 360 views. It was also possible to meet virtually with Spanninga’s Account Managers.

Due to the event being online, visitors had the possibility to attend from all over the world. This first edition appeared to be a success: above 100 professionals from the bike world attended, with one third coming from China, another third from the Netherlands and the rest from other EU countries and the US. Above 50 appointments were held during the three days of the event.

Positively surprised customers deemed the virtual event to be very innovative and professional” says Olivier Gaume, Chief Commercial Officer at Spanninga.

SPANNINGA organizes first ever virtual event

From September 14th until September 16th, Spanninga organizes its first ever virtual event: BEAM UP, which is dedicated to B2B customers.

In the current sanitary context, Spanninga has opted not to attend any exhibitions but instead has organized its own BEAM UP virtual event. Due to the event being online it is suitable for all its customers across the world. The event will take place for 3 days on September 14th, 15th and 16th, and is dedicated to reach B2B customers (micromobility vehicles manufacturers and wholesalers).

The event will be divided into two parts:

  • A virtual showroom, where customers can discover Spanninga’s new products and get special content about them such as presentation videos, technical documents and 360 views.
  • Virtual meetings with Spanninga’s Account Managers.

Attend the virtual event here. For more information on how to get access to the virtual event, or to book an appointment with one of our Account Managers during the virtual event please contact: sales@spanninga.com.

Michael Seifriz joins SPANNINGA as International Account Manager

Spanninga announces today the appointment of Michael Seifriz as its new International Account Manager to develop sales in the DACH countries. 

Michael has years of work experience in sales, including in the bicycle industry. Most recently, he worked successfully as Sales Manager DACH for the Dutch bicycle accessories manufacturer Axa Bike Security (Allegion) for almost 4 years. Prior to that, he used to work as a Field Sales Manager at Amer Sports for several years.

“I am very happy to be part of this great company with its impressive history, and I am looking forward to develop successful projects and generating growth with the German customers,” says Michael Seifriz.

Meet Michael at our upcoming BEAM UP virtual event on September 14-16! Contact him to get the access code: m.seifriz@spanninga.com.


SPANNINGA entitled “Rewarded Supplier” by STELLA

Last week, we were surprised and honoured to receive a “Rewarded Supplier” award from Stella for the collaboration between our companies in the development of the light range for the Stella Morena e-bikes.

The Stella Morena models have already won two prestigious awards this year:

  1. E-bike of the year | RAI Fiets Awards 2021
  2. Best tested city e-bike | AD Fietstest 2021

Reason enough for Stella to also give some appraisal to the suppliers of the Morena e-bike models with an actual Stella award. A great initiative, which is truly valued in our company.

The Morena e-bikes are equipped with a unique carrier rearlight featuring the groundbraking White Box Technology, an eye-catching Stella signature identifier integrated on the front tube as well as a powerful yet compact 40 Lux headlamp integrated onto the front fender.

Let’s head together to many more awards in the future!
Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA entitled "Rewarded Supplier" by STELLA Non classé

SPANNINGA x SKS GERMANY: powerful rearlight in a variable luggage carrier system

Unlimited possibilities for adaptation to any bicycle. With this promise, SKS Germany launched their Infinity luggage carrier system, which meets the highest standards. On the characteristics of high quality and innovative technologies the cooperation with the Dutch light manufacturer – Spanninga – was settled. 

The Infinity range consists of two luggage carriers: the GT and GT Plus with a maximum load of 15kg and 25kg. Both of them are equipped with an integrated, minimalistic and powerful Spanninga rearlight, which is available in six variants. Based on the power source (e-bike or dynamo), with/without reflector and with/without brake-light function.

Thanks to the innovative COB LED technology, the Infinity rearlights are extremely bright and illuminate both rear and side areas of the bike. Next to this, all of the light variants comply with the StVZO regulations.

“The entire Infinity system is based on the highest integration of all components. Fender, W-rail, rack and now the Infinity rearlight form a symbiosis. Thanks to the W-rail, not only the rack is stabilized, but the rail also has the advantage of acting as a cable line, so that the cable routing to the Infinity rearlight is quick and easy.” Christoph Kohnen – Product Manager SKS Germany

Paul de Haan joins SPANNINGA as Group Director

Spanninga announces today the appointment of Paul de Haan as its new Group Director. He will be working side-by-side with Feike Spanninga, owner and also Group Director to reinforce the management of the over-centenary brand.

Paul de Haan is a creative people-oriented leader with a taste for entrepreneurship who performs in analysing quickly complex problems, implementing solutions and communicating efficiently and convincingly through organisations.

Paul has held many management, R&D and operational positions over the past 25 years in the industrial processing of metals for application in the international agricultural sector and in the demanding automotive industry ; in the complex waste processing industry and in the supply of (biobased) raw materials.

“I am very pleased to be part of this great company with its impressive history and I am looking forward to the challenge for me and the incredible team within Spanninga to make sure that we continue to serve our customers and cooperate with them to stay at the forefront of developments in the bicycle industry like we have done in the past.” says Paul de Haan.

SPANNINGA x BIANCHI: the platform developed from e-SUV to e-Omnia

What started with the e-SUV flagship electric model in 2019, extended into a range of high performance, aluminum Bianchi bikes for all. The guiding principles remained the same: design, function and integration. And this also accounts for the lighting system, developed by Spanninga.

Within the e-Omnia platform, Bianchi has created three different worlds: MTB, TOURER and CITY. With the online configurator, each individual can create their own e-bike, perfectly suited to his or her needs. All of them, equipped with an optimal integration of front, side and rear lights by Spanninga. The integrated front and rear lights put out 40 Lux, for an impressive visibility-range of 100 metres, and visibility to others at 500 metres.

The e-Omnia platform harnesses pioneering technology to improve the user’s experience. The integrated rear headlights which allow us to have a visibility to other up to 500 meters away and a front headlight that have a lighting depth of up to 100 meters. Safety in the first place.Fabrizio Scalzotto – CEO Bianchi

For more information: Bianchi e-Omnia

SPANNINGA integrated lights attract awards!

Every year, the Design & Innovation Award organisation hands out awards to the products in the bicycle industry which are most innovative, exciting and ground-breaking! It is the only award which tests products in the real-world, evaluates them in full and reaches verdicts that are founded on critical and in-depth analysis.

This year, two products featuring Spanninga integrated lights have been granted a Design & Innovation Award:

Merida MIK-HD rack with Spanninga GLOW rearlight
“The MIK-HD rack with its integrated Spanninga rear light is an excellent companion for your everyday rides. It lends every ebike more safety and wide-ranging utility, with everything packaged into an elegant and slim design.” Read the complete report HERE
Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA integrated lights attract awards! Non classé

Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 with integrated Spanninga identity light
“The preinstalled light together with the Garmin radar that warns of vehicles approaching from behind, as well as the upright riding position, offer a new level of situational awareness.” Read the complete report HERE
Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA integrated lights attract awards! Non classé

The Design & Innovation Award is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. The Design & Innovation Award is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands. It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts.