SPANNINGA X JOOLZ: let there be light on strollers

 Joolz launches Geo³ stroller with attachable Spanninga light to help parents and their children to travel and commute safely in the dark. 

 On May 23, 2022, stroller brand Joolz released their new Geo3 stroller. The stroller can be equipped with a practical and powerful LED front light developed by Spanninga to provide visibility and safety for those who want to take their children for a walk when it’s dark outside.

Thanks to the three different settings (eco mode (8 hours), regular mode (4 hours) or flashing (25 hours)) the LED light suits everyone’s needs. Due to its USB rechargeable nature, the light is sustainable. No more wasted batteries, but instead a quick and easy two to three hours charge by using the supplied cable. The light is IPX3 compliant and is water-resistant.

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Spanninga for our Joolz Geo³. We now offer consumers the perfect solution to walk the streets with their lit strollers. This provides an extra sense of safety.Says Robert Stadman, Head of Product Development at Joolz.  

SPANNINGA x Huyser: affordable e-bikes from the Netherlands

Huyser Fietsen is a Dutch company, that originated from a passion for bikes, quality and design. They offer bikes for everyone: for those who want a more sporty bike, or for those who’d rather use it for their daily commute.

The Gen Urban+ Belt is an e-bike that will bring you soundlessly and comfortably from point A to point B. Equipped with Spanninga’s GLOW rearlight. What makes the GLOW special is that it’s the perfect integration of the light in the carrier. Due to its curved shape, it follows exactly the lines of the carrier. This results in an extremely tight and precise rearlight with an elegant strip design.

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THOR 1100 crowned best mountain bike lamp 2022 for night rides by blogger UtagawaVTT!

Among a multitude of expert advice, UtagawaVTT advises night amateurs in a new blog article on a selection of the best MTB lamps of the year. And it’s no surprise that Spanninga’s THOR 1100 is listed among the winners.

The blog describes the multi-sport lighting equipment as a high performance mountain bike lighting. It also sells the merits of the torch concerning its impressive runtime (10h30 max in boost mode and 16h max in eco mode), the power of its light beam (1100 Lumens), the functionality of its eco function allowing to extend the runtime during climbs, the ergonomics of its switch, as well as its ultra-compact size, the quality of its materials and finally, its affordable price.

In short, UtagawaVTT judges the THOR 1100 as the “ideal lighting for rides in the forest, the quality is very good and it is resistant to bad weather”.

Read the full article

Judge for yourself!

Top safety tips while biking in the urban jungle

Biking is one of the greatest ways to remain fit. However, cyclists have to face quite a few issues and hazards. The ride is often long, or the roads aren’t good. During such instances, certain safety tips are needed.

  1. Use bike lights… of course!

Bike lights are a very important necessity when riding in the dark. Accidents are prone to happen when other road users can’t see cyclists. It’s important to ensure that your bicycle is visible even from a long distance. Bike lights help cyclists to see where they’re going and help them to be seen by other road users.

At Spanninga we offer a wide variety of bike lights that help cyclists to see and to be seen on the road. For city or trekking use, our X&O 50 headlamp is an ideal powerful solution. This efficient yet ultra-compact headlamp features the exclusive Reverse Beam Technology developed by Philips®, providing a strong beam and enhancing users’ visibility in every circumstance with its extra features (daylight and high-beam). For the rear, our PIMENTO is a ground-breaking and innovative rear light featuring the most recent technologies within the market (e.g. COB LED technology). With its powerful light beam, both towards the back and sides optimal safety is ensured.

  1. Use reflectors

The purpose of a reflector is to radiate the light that shines on it and increase the visibility of cyclists. Like bike lights, reflectors are a great help while riding at night, increasing a cyclists’ safety. Your must have reflectors on the: front, rear and sides (spokes and pedals).

At Spanninga we offer a wide range of reflectors. Most of our headlamps are already equipped with front reflectors. For the rear, the RR 02 is a small red reflector used for carrier mounting. With its 50mm bolt distance it is also compatible with our BR 06 and BR 11 brackets. We also provide side reflectors for spoke mounting such as the RA 02 and RA 03.

  1. Wear properly fitted biking equipment

It’s not everywhere required to wear helmets; however, studies have shown that helmets reduce biking risks. Head injuries are very common in bike accidents and wearing a helmet can save cyclists from such damages. It is also recommended to wear reflective materials to increase your visibility among other road users. There are tons of biking accessories and equipment available on the market with reflective materials and patterns.

  1. Use a bike tracker

To prevent theft there is equipment such as the bike tracker. It tracks your vehicle and helps you know where your bike is at the moment. The usage is straightforward: you receive an accessory that gets attached to either the seat or the bike’s handle, and the paired phone app helps you locate your bike whenever or wherever you want.

When they say precaution is better than cure, it doesn’t mean to limit to adventure but instead to take care of yourself while enjoying to the fullest. Good luck and have a safe and fantastic ride!

Picture by: Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash.

Spanninga appoints Léon van Strien as Technical & Innovation Director

Spring season started, nature awakes and also within the Spanninga Group a sound of change arises. Given the recent years of growth and an ambitious plan for the future, Léon van Strien will reinforce the company as Technical & Innovation Director.

Léon is a sportive and technically schooled manager with a wide interest in the bicycle branch. After a Bachelor study Design & Production Technology at the HTS in Rotterdam and a Master study Transportation Technology at the TU in Delft, he graduated in 2005. After this, he worked as Product Manager at Shimano for nine years, where he was responsible for the identity and design of the products. As Engineering Manager at Trek, he was the eyes and ears in Europe for the American headquarters for almost seven years. With this broad experience in the bicycle industry, he is well-prepared for his new role at the Spanninga Group.

As Technical & Innovation Director, Léon will be in charge of initiating, translating and executing Spanninga’s company goals when it comes to innovation roadmaps, product development and production and process development programs. He will constantly try to meet the qualitative and quantitative market demands, now and in the future.

“It makes me really proud to be part of the development process at Spanninga. It is a beautiful and iconic company with a lot of expertise and experience in micro-mobility lighting. I’m looking forward to starting the journey with all Spanninga colleagues.”  says Léon van Strien.

E-bike of the Year 2022 ‘Urban’ Sparta d-RULE Energy features Spanninga custom-made lights

In the yearly Fiets Awards, organised by the RAI Vereniging, a bicycle with Spanninga lights has again won an award. This time in the Urban E-bikes category. The lights of the Sparta d-RULE were praised especially by the judges for its looks and performance.

The Sparta d-RULE Energy is a powerful e-bike, especially suited for commuters. With this modern e-bike, you can be seen, both literally and figuratively, because it is equipped on the front and rear with the innovative and custom-made n:LIGHT lighting, developed by Sparta and Spanninga. The innovative concept of the n:LIGHTs is strongly inspired by the automotive industry. Featuring high performance COB LED technology in a totally integrated design, they provide enhanced safety to users with exclusive functions, such as start-up sequence or coming home function.

“This e-bike truly lives up to its first impression: robust, sturdy, distinguished. The extra care which was taken for the details and safety really impressed the judges: the lighting attracts immediately the attention. The LED lights welcome you and the stylish solutions for the cover of the battery and load element are acknowledged.” says the Fiets Awards judges.

SPANNINGA X VOLT BIKES: electric bikes with trustworthy lights

VOLT aims to design and manufacture the best e-bikes around and offers a wide range of e-bikes from folding and commuter models, to hybrids, mountain bikes and biking accessories.

 The Metro e-bike is a stylish foldable electric bike with a sleek and modern design. The VOLT Metro bike is the perfect choice for commuters and anyone looking for a lightweight, convenient power assisted bike. Equipped with Spanninga’s KENDO+ headlamp and PIXEO rearlight, safety of the cyclist is ensured.

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SPANNINGA represented in products for Fiets Awards 2022

Spanninga has been highly represented in the nominated products for RAI’s Fiets Awards 2022.

A couple of custom-made projects by Spanninga are represented in nominated products for the Fiets Awards 2022. These products include:

Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA represented in products for Fiets Awards 2022 Non classé  Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA represented in products for Fiets Awards 2022 Non classé

Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA represented in products for Fiets Awards 2022 Non classé

Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA represented in products for Fiets Awards 2022 Non classé

SPANNINGA FRANCE and Industry 4.0

A few weeks ago, Carine Lapinte, site manager at Spanninga France, shared the experience of the company in the steps initiated last year towards robotisation and industry 4.0 at the occasion of a conference organised by the associations AEPV and ENE. Thanks to the programmes “Industry of the Future” and “France Relance” supported by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and the Government, the company was able to finance investigation studies enabling that process.

Local press talks about it here and here.