DRL technology©

Daytime Running Light

The Daytime-Running Light function increases the visibility of the bicycle, and protects the rider during the day. This function features one or more LEDs which shine automatically during the daytime to bring extra visibility. When it gets dark, a light sensor dims the daytime LEDs and lets the main beam take over. Howether the DRL is not a lighting system in itself: while the main beam is directed towards the road to allow the rider to see his way, the daytime running LEDs shine straight to allow him to be seen by other road users (visible enough to see but not blinding).

RLT technology©

Rim Light

The Rim Light Technology features a specially designed lens system which spreads the light of the single high power LED onto the road. This technology, similar with the ‘Angel Eye’ used in the car industry, particularly excels in preventing any light loss, given that all the light rays are fully refracted on the outside surface of the lens. The light being spread through the light ring only, this technology gives the possibility to have a reflector or a logo or any other part at the center of the light.

XTL technology©

The XTL uses the total reflection phenomena of light rays on the specially shaped and polished surface of a lens. Due to the total reflection of the ray, hardly any light is lost, resulting in a very efficient light system where most lumens of the light source are used in the effective beam on the road. This results in a good light spread, large light beam and economic power consumption.

RBT technology©

Reverse Beam

As a major development, Spanninga has developed the LED Reverse Beam Technology that uses only ¼ of the energy of a regular bulb for the same intensity and with hardly any heat loss. The LED light is projected backwards onto a mirror directing it into a powerful conical beam with a perfect light spread. The light is then divided over a large surface which makes it less aggressive to the eyes. The result is less light loss and less power consumption.

LGT technology©

Light Guide

In a low visibility environment, the rearlight is the first safety tool of the cyclist to be seen from the approaching traffic. Most accidents happening at road junctions, it is also important to offer good side visibility. Our R&D teams have developed a unique technology providing an optimal spread of the LED light on the sides of the rearlight: the Light Guide Technology. It captures the lateral light coming from the LED and brings it with minimum loss on the sides of the rearlight.

LLT technology©

Light Line

The Light Line Technology uses one or more very low consumption LEDs. The light is spread through a specially shaped light guide which diffuses it following a line shape. The shape of both the light line and the glass has been designed in a way that the light is also guided on the lateral sides of the carrier. This technology is broadly used nowadays and a similar one is commonly featured in the automotive industry in order to have the most creative, trendy and unique design for lights.

LASER technology

The laser technology is a brand new feature integrated in bicycle lights, mainly into rear lights. A safety zone is projected by the laser around the bike when on the road which improves significantly the cyclist visibility by giving a clear signal to other road users approaching from behind. The colour, shape and width of the V shaped lines are optimally tuned to create the safety zone. Laser technology has been chosen due to its low energy consumption and limited additional costs in comparison with the enhanced safety resulting from the feature.

COB LED technology

Chip On Board

Chip on Board, basically multiple LED chips bonded directly to a substrate to form a single module – are the latest LEDs available on the market. Main advantages are that they offer the highest efficiency (higher light emitting area, better heat dissipation, decreased light loss, increased viewing angle) and also almost endless design possibilities since the substrate can be bended or follow any shape.



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