VIVO is only available in OEM.

The VIVO rearlight is a simple, efficient and economical light, which provides a very high level of safety. It features the ground-breaking Light Line Technology©, which spreads the light through a specially shaped light guide. Because of this technology, the VIVO uses 1 LED only to create a wide-spread and ultra-bright light beam in a nicely shaped line. The VIVO comes in a dynamo and e-bike version.


The design and shape of the VIVO are unique, because it has a thickness of only 20mm. This means that the VIVO is a very universal rearlight, suitable to almost every carrier in the market, with both 50mm and 80mm bolt distance. The sharp light line on top of the reflector creates a vivid light beam at the rear of your bicycle.


VersionsXDv / XDvS / XE
Light source1 red LED > 5 Cd
Power sourceDynamo*(XDv, XDvS)
E-bike 6VDC / 6-36VDC (XE)
Power consumption0,6 Watt (XDv, XDvS)
0,3 Watt (XE)
Battery load indicator-
FunctionsSafe-Stop (XDvS)