The PYRO is a compact, handy and very powerful bicycle rearlight! It is one of the smallest bicycle rearlights in our range and offers a smart solution for each cyclist.


The PYRO rearlight is very user-friendly, because it has a well-designed, integrated push button on the backside. This prevents you from switching it on accidently. There’s no need to press the switch with your fingers. If you want to turn it ON/OFF, you simply press the PYRO gently backwards to the tube of your bike. The rearlight has a safe-switch button, which means you need to press a couple of seconds to turn the light on and off.

Are you a battery enthusiast or more interested in a USB-rechargeable bicycle rearlight? With the PYRO, you can choose between the both of them. And no matter which version you take, thanks to its compact design this bicycle rearlight suits any type of bike. From sporty ones to city bicycles.


VersionsBattery / USB
Light source1 red LED > 6 Cd / 20 Lumens
Power sourceBattery 1 x CR2032 3V (battery)
Li-Po rechargeable battery via USB (USB)
AutonomyMax. 25h (battery)
Max. 8h (USB)
Battery load indicatorYes