NR 9


NR 9 XE is only available in OEM.

Do you like to honour the past? Do you love to ride your retro bicycle and do you do this with pride and joy? Then the NR 9 rearlight will for sure please you! This chrome-finished and teardrop outlined mudguard light is the perfect match for all nostalgic and retro-chic bicycles. The NR 9 is available in a dynamo and battery version: retro styling, but with a 21st century reliability!


The NR 9 rearlight is a modern remake of the metal, oval lights which were very popular in the 50’s. These rearlights have been the flagship of Spanninga for decades (after all, we do exist since 1918) and a remake comes therefore as no surprise! The NR 9 is a simple, stylish and comfortable rearlight for modern retro bicycles, which are very popular in the streets nowadays.


VersionsXDv / XDvS / XB / XE
Light source1 red LED > 5 Cd
Power sourceDynamo (XDvS)*
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V (XB)
E-bike 6-36VDC (XE)
Power consumption0,2 Watt (XDv, XDvS)
0,1 Watt (XB)
0,2 Watt (XE)
AutonomyMax. 120h (XB)
Danish regulation : max. 34h (XB)
Battery load indicatorYes (XB)
FunctionsSafe-Stop (XDvS)