The dynamo (XDv, XDvS) and e-bike (XE) versions of the LINEO are only available in OEM.

Are you looking for a unique light solution? Then the LINEO rearlight is the perfect answer for you! Due to its 2 original light lines, placed at both bottom corners of the product, the LINEO gives an inimitable and distinctive look to each bicycle. It features the ground-breaking Light Line Technology©, which spreads the light through specially shaped light guides. The LINEO is available in dynamo, e-bike and 2 battery versions (either with or without an Automatic sensor).


Next to its design, which is inspired by the lights in the automotive industry, the LINEO truly sets itself apart by its extremely high performance. Its 2 bright LEDs create a light output of 10 Candela and a visibility of the light beam from 600 meters. Together with its large, integrated reflector, this rearlight offers optimal safety on the road, since you are not only visible from the rear, but also from the sides.


VersionsXDv / XDvS / XB / XBA / XE
Light source2 red LEDs > 10 Cd
Power sourceDynamo (XDv, XDvS)*
Batteries 2 x AA 1.5V (XB, XBA)
E-bike 6-48VDC (XE)
Power consumption0,4 Watt (XDv, XDvS)
0,2 Watt (XB, XBA)
0,3 Watt (XE)
AutonomyMax. 180h (XB, XBA)
Danish regulation : max. 60h (XB, XBA)
Battery load indicatorYes (XB, XBA)
FunctionsLight & Motion Sensor (XBA)
Safe-Stop (XDvS)