The BRASA rearlight has a distinctive design and draws a bright, red line into the air behind your bicycle carrier. It sets the ordinary style of carrier rearlights in the market aside, making way for new and sophisticated developments. The BRASA is a battery rearlight and features the ground-breaking Light Line Technology©, which creates a floating red line by making use of a specially shaped light guide.


Imagine you are riding your bicycle on a road completely in the dark. All of a sudden, in front of you, it seems like a red line is floating in the air. Very bright, very recognizable and very safe, because the bicycle in front of you is carrying a BRASA rearlight! The floating effect is managed by setting the optics apart from the rest of the light and mounting system.


Light source1 red LED > 7 Cd
Power sourceBatteries 2 x AA 1.5V
AutonomyMax. 180h
Battery load indicatorYes
ColoursDark grey