New generation!
The AXENDO 80 now features enhanced specifications:

  • New colour: the AXENDO 80 is now available in mat black colour and with new geometrical pattern on its silicone rubber band, which is the trademark of our high-end products
  • New bracket: on top of the aluminum housing, the AXENDO 80 is now equipped with a new aluminum bracket, making it a sturdy and foolproof headlamp
  • Extra function: the AXENDO 80 is now available with High Beam feature

The elegant, high-power AXENDO-range distinguishes itself by its amazing styling, technology, light output and various power sources. It offers a perfect solution headlamp for each type of bicycle and for every cyclist. For city and e-bike practice, Spanninga offers the front fork AXENDO headlamps. These are available in 5 light output versions, ranging from 30 Lux to 100 Lux. All of them have an amazing visibility distance from both front and lateral sides. The AXENDO 80 headlamp is available for e-bikes with a voltage range from 6-36VDC.


The AXENDO 80 headlamp features the unique Reverse Beam Technology©. This results in an impressive 80 Lux light output in a bright, but non-blinding, light beam. Are you interested in how we measure our light output? Then please take a look at Our Expertise page for more information.

The headlamp has a robust, aluminum front fork bracket with an efficient optional front reflector for optimal safety and visibility. The high quality, aluminum housing of the headlamp is combined with an elegant redesigned silicone band, which gives the AXENDO 80 a unique touch.

It also comes with a new High Beam feature, to be activated with an ergonomic offset handlebar switch (supplied) and which produces, on top of the regular 80 Lux light beam, an intensified, wider and brighter 80 Lux beam light, coming up to 80 Lux + 80 Lux total light output.


VersionsXE / XEFc
Light source2 white LEDs > 80 Lux + 4 extra LEDs (High Beam) > 80 + 80 Lux
Power sourceE-bike 6-36VDC
Power consumption2,5 Watt (XE)
6 Watt (XEFc)
Battery load indicator-
FunctionsHigh Beam (XEFc)