Our history

Pioneering safety for 100 years

Founded in 1918, the company has always been family-run. With its headquarters in Joure (Friesland, The Netherlands), the only goal of Spanninga has been to bring safety of the cyclist up to another level. And this value crossed the Dutch borders, making of the Spanninga Group one of the leaders of bicycle safety in the world. Our 100-year heritage and the trust that customers put in the name Spanninga keep us striving for the next challenges, and pursuing the limitless possibilities of light. That is the core spirit of Spanninga. Pioneering safety. For the next 100 years.


Foundation by Hotso Spanninga of Spanninga Metaal B.V. in Joure (the Netherlands), specialized in precious metal forge and in particular plaques.


Due to exceptional performance, Spanninga Metaal B.V. receives the distinguished title of ‘Purveyor to the Royal Household of the Netherlands’.


Start of the bicycle lighting activity for SPANNINGA METAAL BV. Hotso Spanninga being originally a goldsmith, first Spanninga rearlights were artwork: polished until they shine like jewels.


Foundation by Mr. Josserand of JOS in NANTUA (France), one of Spanninga’s French competitors specialized in bicycle and automotive lighting..


Creation by Spanninga of first plastic optical blocks for rearlights replacing glass.
Creation by Hotso Spanninga of first rearlights with bayonet fitting of the bulb.


Introduction by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of the first reflectors integrated on pedals.


Gatze and Gerben (Jeppe) Spanninga take over SPANNINGA METAAL BV from their father. Unfortunately, Gerben Spanninga dies in 1972 at the young age of 43.

Production by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of license plates for mopeds.


Takeover of JOS by CIBIE in Nantua (France).


Production by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of the first red reflectors for Dutch bikes (became compulsory in the Netherlands in 1977).


JOS becomes independent again and is called JOS/CIBIE.


Start of production of bicycle bells.


Feike Spanninga takes over SPANNINGA METAAL BV from his father.
Start of production of kickstands.


Takeover of JOS by SPANNINGA METAAL BV and creation of the company JOS INTERNATIONAL in Nantua (France).


Takeover of the Belgian company EKOLIGHT on of a joint-venture named Q-LITE in Taichung (Taiwan).


Creation of first light sensors in bicycle lights.


Sale of automotive activies of JOS INTERNATIONAL and focus on bicycle lighting.
Transfer of Q-LITE’s production to Huizhou (China).


Takeover of Hella Bike Europe activities and creation of a subsidiary called SBC in Shunde (China).


Takeover of PHILIPS bicycle lighting assets.


Celebration of 100 year jubilee of Spanninga Metaal B.V.