Design of Basil’s revolutionary collaboration released on Taipei Cycle Show!

At this years’ Taipei Cycle Show, the design of the revolutionary Basil Commuter Carrier, with an integrated rearlight from Spanninga, is finally released!

“Imagine careless commuting on your e-bike, because you know that your belongings fit perfectly on your bicycle, are carried shockproof, that you are highly visible and your bicycle is Smart (IoT) connected.”

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Design of Basil's revolutionary collaboration released on Taipei Cycle Show! Non classé

This is what Basil had in mind, when it developed the new innovative carrier together with other international experts in their fields: Spanninga, Tracefy, Massload and MIK. The carrier is developed for the fastest growing global target group: the demanding commuters, who consciously decide to purchase a bicycle for their commute (a design e-bike or speed-pedelec in the mid to very high segment). Basil is convinced that commuters will highly adulate all the unique features during their ride to work & home. Moreover, that they will fall in love with the stylish and modern design of the carrier.

The new Basil Commuter Carrier features countless innovations among which:

  • A new way of hanging your bicycle bag on your carrier: The Basil Shock Absorbing Tube (BSAT©);
    • adjustable tube creates freedom for your heels;
    • suspension reduces forces on your bicycle accessory.
  • An integrated high-visibility rearlight by Spanninga: starring the groundbraking Contour Lighting Technology (CLT©), exclusive for MIK;
  • The Spanninga mobile MIK-flashlight;
  • The fastest growing integrated system for luggage carriers: MIK;
  • MIK Smart Box for Tracefy: the option to make your bike “smart” with the Tracefy IoT system;
  • Production and quality guaranteed by the top carrier producer Massload.

Discover it on Spanninga stand M0310 during Taipei Cycle Show, but also on stands S0522-S0516 at Massload/Basil/Tracefy.

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Bicycle of the Year Awards 2019

During the Dutch, annual “Bicycle of the Year” election, which is always organized during the Bike Motion tradefair, the most innovative bikes are granted special awards. As a preferred partner for bicycle lights, Spanninga is always excited to discover which bike brands are prized at this occasion. And this year again, it is with great pride and pleasure that we would like to share that 3 of the awarded bikes/brands are equipped with Spanninga lights!

  1. Bicycle of the Year: Cortina Common
    The major prize of the competition has been given to the CORTINA Common city bike. Featuring Spanninga lights on both front and rear, it is no big surprise that the bike has been complimented for its “no-nonsense cycling pleasure”. The Cortina Common displays on the front the Axendo 40+ dynamo headlamp, and on the rear the Solo dynamo rearlight.
  2. E-bike of the Year: Sparta M8b
    Above all, the SPARTA M8b e-bike scored on its fresh, elegant and contemporary design, in which the design lights were highlighted as a big plus. The integrated headlamp is starred as a real eye-catcher! Spanninga is delighted of the recognition of this headlamp as it is the result of a collaboration with the design teams of Sparta. Displaying COB LED technology and fully integrated above the fork of the e-bike, it is a perfect example of Spanninga’s expertise in custom-made developments.
  3. Bicycle Innovation Award: Brompton Electric
    Equipped with the Spanninga Solo rearlight for e-bikes, the Brompton Electric is a fantastic foldable e-bike. Everything is focused on maintaining user friendliness when using a foldable bike, without reducing its quality. Among others, the automatic lights are mentioned by the jury as being complementary to this result.

Spanninga would like to congratulate all award winners!

Check out the videos here:

Innovative “commuter carrier” sets new standards

The new commuter carrier is a cooperation of top companies in the bicycle industry: the 100 years young SPANNINGA (bicycle lights), BASIL (bags, baskets & accessories), bicycle carrier producer MASSLOAD, and IoT/Smart specialist TRACEFY. Brought together by the fastest growing platform the bicycle industry has seen in years: MIK.

MIK is an idea of BASIL, founded and started together with MASSLOAD. MIK stands for Mounting Is Key, which refers to the strong, safe and easy-to-use way to click your accessory on your carrier. Already the biggest OEM brands in the world have chosen for MIK.

Check out the movie here below:

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Innovative "commuter carrier" sets new standards Non classé

For more information:

BASIL & MIK: Marthijn van Balveren

SPANNINGA: Jaap Jongsma

MASSLOAD: Edson Chung

TRACEFY: Jeroen van Kester

Spanninga is turning 100!

Spanninga is turning 100 and this will be celebrated!

Founded in 1918, the company has always been family-run. With its headquarters in Joure (Friesland, The Netherlands), the company was originally specialized as goldsmith in jewellery. The quality and refinement of Spanninga’s work has been rewarded by the distinguished title of ‘Purveyor of the Royal Household of the Netherlands” within four years, an honour which the company is still enjoying almost a century later. But the birth of Spanninga in the bicycle industry came a decade later with the first metal automotive lights, which were soon followed by pioneering technologies like the silver plated optical blocs, and of course bicycle rear light with patented bayonet fittings. And now culminated into ‘state of the art’ bike lighting with the best optics combined with the latest COB LED and laser technology.

Since its entrance in the bicycle sector, the only goal of Spanninga has been to bring safety of the cyclist up to another level. And this value crossed the Dutch borders within the years with the acquisition of several subsidiaries in Europe and in Asia, making of the Spanninga Group one of the leaders in bicycle safety in the world.

Throughout 2018, we will celebrate the occasion, from the many milestones achieved over the previous 100 years, to the future and achieving our vision of pioneering safety.

A celebration party bringing together and honouring all the people who have supported us (and more…) will be organised, as well as limited editions of products, a commemorating book, charity events or parties at trade-shows and a lot more during the whole year.

Ready for another century
This 100-year heritage and the trust that customers put in the name Spanninga keep us striving for the next challenges, and pursuing the limitless possibilities of light. That is the core spirit of Spanninga. Pioneering safety. For the next 100 years.

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Enjoy the Spotlight Tour with a Spanninga light

This Christmas season, the Museum in Joure organizes for the second year in a row the Spotlight Tour. And as the name already suggests, this is a tour completely in the dark! Equipped with a Spanninga light, visitors view and admire all the beautiful art treasures in the museum. And that’s probably more than you would expect, because even the old ice skates of the Spanninga family are exhibited! After a warm welcome with a drink and something sweet, the tour will start at 5pm and will take around 1h to finish.

Information about the Spotlight Tour, tickets, dates and prices can be found HERE.

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Enjoy the Spotlight Tour with a Spanninga light Non classé

Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights!

TestKees, mainly known for his work for the Dutch interest group Fietsersbond and an authority when it comes to bicycles and accessories, executed a large test this fall with headlamps and rearlights from many different brands. From this test Spanninga turned out to be the big winner and some of our lights stepped up in a very positive way:

Axendo 60: BEST DEAL (in the category dynamo headlamps)
Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Axendo 60 USB: BEST TESTED (in the category headlamps with rechargeable battery)
Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Elips: BEST TESTED (in the category dynamo rearlights)
Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Duxo: BEST TESTED (in the category battery rearlights)
Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

We are – of course – very proud about this beautiful result!
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Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Best tested: Spanninga bicycle lights! Non classé

Time flies as Spanninga celebrates 99th anniversary

We are delighted to celebrate our 99th anniversary, feeling younger as ever as we bring the most actual and innovative technologies on the market!

We count the days till 2018, which will be a booming year! For now, we will keep the champagne bottled and look forward to next year, while we silently make a toast to all our partners who made this jubilee possible.

Spanninga Bicycle Lights Time flies as Spanninga celebrates 99th anniversary Non classé