31 July 2023

SPANNINGA introduces the revolutionary HALO-series

Spanninga introduces the revolutionary HALO-series

Spanninga introduces the revolutionary HALO-series, a new rear light lineup that combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design. Experience the next level of safety and visibility while cycling in urban environments!

Key Features of the HALO-series:

  1. Innovative & Modular Design: HALO rear lights stand out with their unique compact design, featuring smooth organic lines and an integrated Z-reflector. Whether mounted on a carrier or fender, the HALO series ensures a consistent and stylish look.
  2. Powerful COB LED Technology: Embrace the latest in lighting technology with the HALO series. Equipped with powerful COB LED technology, these rear lights deliver a brilliant and visible light beam towards the back and sides, ensuring you're seen from up to 500 meters away.
  3. Visibility: Safety is our priority. The HALO-series' circular shape offers 360-degree visibility, making it the ultimate choice for discerning cyclists. With a visibility range up to 500 meters from all sides, our rear lights keep approaching traffic at a safe distance. The HALO delivers a brighter, clearer, and more visible light than ever before!
  4. Versatility: The HALO-series offers various versions compatible with dynamo, e-bikes and speed pedelecs. An exclusive world premiere - the HALO+ - which is a carrier version (50mm or 80mm mount) with wide-angle reflector - caters to various countries' regulations, including Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Japan, United States, and England.
  5. Enhanced Functionality: Tailor your rear light to your needs. The HALO-series offers multiple functionalities depending on the version, such as Safe-stop, decelerator-based Stop-light, Brake-light, or even the latest innovation - built-in turning indicators. For this, the light can be combined with a wireless switch.

Spanninga introduces the revolutionary HALO-series, delivering enhanced cycling safety with powerful COB LED technology, 360-degree visibility, and innovative design. Our premium rear lights offer versatility and advanced functionality for your urban commute. Discover our complete collection of HALO lights on our website!