27 September 2021

SPANNINGA’s first ever virtual event was a success

Spanninga showroom virtual event

From September 14th until September 16th, Spanninga’s first ever virtual event: BEAM UP, which was dedicated to B2B customers, took place.

During the BEAM UP event, customers received a first look into Spanninga’s new products where they had the opportunity to discover exclusive content such as presentation videos, technical documents and 360 views. It was also possible to meet virtually with Spanninga’s Account Managers.

Due to the event being online, visitors had the possibility to attend from all over the world. This first edition appeared to be a success: above 100 professionals from the bike world attended, with one third coming from China, another third from the Netherlands and the rest from other EU countries and the US. Above 50 appointments were held during the three days of the event.

Positively surprised customers deemed the virtual event to be very innovative and professional” says Olivier Gaume, Chief Commercial Officer at Spanninga.


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