8 June 2021

SPANNINGA entitled “Rewarded Supplier” by STELLA

Stella award for Spanninga supplier

Last week, we were surprised and honoured to receive a "Rewarded Supplier" award from Stella for the collaboration between our companies in the development of the light range for the Stella Morena e-bikes.

The Stella Morena models have already won two prestigious awards this year:

  1. E-bike of the year | RAI Fiets Awards 2021
  2. Best tested city e-bike | AD Fietstest 2021

Reason enough for Stella to also give some appraisal to the suppliers of the Morena e-bike models with an actual Stella award. A great initiative, which is truly valued in our company.

The Morena e-bikes are equipped with a unique carrier rearlight featuring the groundbraking White Box Technology, an eye-catching Stella signature identifier integrated on the front tube as well as a powerful yet compact 40 Lux headlamp integrated onto the front fender.

Let's head together to many more awards in the future!
Awards for Stella Morena e-bike 2021


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