SPANNINGA entitled “Rewarded Supplier” by STELLA

Last week, we were surprised and honoured to receive a “Rewarded Supplier” award from Stella for the collaboration between our companies in the development of the light range for the Stella Morena e-bikes.

The Stella Morena models have already won two prestigious awards this year:

  1. E-bike of the year | RAI Fiets Awards 2021
  2. Best tested city e-bike | AD Fietstest 2021

Reason enough for Stella to also give some appraisal to the suppliers of the Morena e-bike models with an actual Stella award. A great initiative, which is truly valued in our company.

The Morena e-bikes are equipped with a unique carrier rearlight featuring the groundbraking White Box Technology, an eye-catching Stella signature identifier integrated on the front tube as well as a powerful yet compact 40 Lux headlamp integrated onto the front fender.

Let’s head together to many more awards in the future!
Spanninga Bicycle Lights SPANNINGA entitled "Rewarded Supplier" by STELLA Non classé

SPANNINGA x SKS GERMANY: powerful rearlight in a variable luggage carrier system

Unlimited possibilities for adaptation to any bicycle. With this promise, SKS Germany launched their Infinity luggage carrier system, which meets the highest standards. On the characteristics of high quality and innovative technologies the cooperation with the Dutch light manufacturer – Spanninga – was settled. 

The Infinity range consists of two luggage carriers: the GT and GT Plus with a maximum load of 15kg and 25kg. Both of them are equipped with an integrated, minimalistic and powerful Spanninga rearlight, which is available in six variants. Based on the power source (e-bike or dynamo), with/without reflector and with/without brake-light function.

Thanks to the innovative COB LED technology, the Infinity rearlights are extremely bright and illuminate both rear and side areas of the bike. Next to this, all of the light variants comply with the StVZO regulations.

“The entire Infinity system is based on the highest integration of all components. Fender, W-rail, rack and now the Infinity rearlight form a symbiosis. Thanks to the W-rail, not only the rack is stabilized, but the rail also has the advantage of acting as a cable line, so that the cable routing to the Infinity rearlight is quick and easy.” Christoph Kohnen – Product Manager SKS Germany