2 March 2021

SPANNINGA x BIANCHI: the platform developed from e-SUV to e-Omnia

Bianchi eOmnia integrated headlamp and rearlight

What started with the e-SUV flagship electric model in 2019, extended into a range of high performance, aluminum Bianchi bikes for all. The guiding principles remained the same: design, function and integration. And this also accounts for the lighting system, developed by Spanninga.

Within the e-Omnia platform, Bianchi has created three different worlds: MTB, TOURER and CITY. With the online configurator, each individual can create their own e-bike, perfectly suited to his or her needs. All of them, equipped with an optimal integration of front, side and rear lights by Spanninga. The integrated front and rear lights put out 40 Lux, for an impressive visibility-range of 100 metres, and visibility to others at 500 metres.

The e-Omnia platform harnesses pioneering technology to improve the user’s experience. The integrated rear headlights which allow us to have a visibility to other up to 500 meters away and a front headlight that have a lighting depth of up to 100 meters. Safety in the first place.Fabrizio Scalzotto – CEO Bianchi

For more information: Bianchi e-Omnia